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Some artwork to show ~

[COM] CliffXClaire
Gengar Floats
Gustafa - Peace Sista
Trash Baby
Happy Birthday Usagi
One With The Trash
[COM] Happy Birthday
Carry Me
Self Portrait
Annoyed Raccoon
Sick Mind
Hat Friends
Raccoon Girl
Wanting To Be With You
"You're Exhausting!"
A Thousand Eyes Ver. 1
A Thousand Eyes Ver. 2
Vent Sketch
Cyber Thought
Come With Us
Digitally Numb Ver.1
Digitally Numb Ver.2
Hachiko, The Loyalist Friend Ver.1
Hachiko, The Loyalist Friend Ver.2
The Duo
Panic Attack Sketch
Secondary Outfit
Shit Day
This Fire

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"You're Exhausting!"

I always dread hearing these words. They were drilled into me from my ex, some ex friends, even teachers. I understand I am on my own pace or wave length then others, there's nothing wrong with that, but past experience has lead to the outcome of people giving up on having a relationship with me. Like it becomes hollow and I feel a nuisance; slowly fading out of the relationship. This piece definitely helped me process things and makes me want to improve on my end of relationships.

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